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Hotels: Often we use the hotel located in central cities, but not always. This is an overall assessment, sometimes we get a better hotel outside the centre. Other times it is advantageous in terms of traffic, etc.

Disabled: Disabled people are of course welcome on our tours, but it's important to feel confident that the tour match. If in doubt about this - call us and we will have a chat. Some trips may be less suitable because it is planned to stroll with a guide, etc.

European Health Insurance Card: Card ordered or your local social security office. It takes about 1 week before you receive the card after ordering. The card gives the right to health care that is necessary during a stay in another EEA country. Coverage provided under the rules in that country. The card does not replace travel insurance.

Pass: One does not pass within Scandinavia. For trips in Europe is the only international passport approved photo identification and should be carried anyway!

Discounts for children: This varies according to each hotel and a vessel's rules.

The best seats in the bus: Often we get told to keep the leading position in the bus due to sickness. We're unable to prioritize the others. On trips where over 30 participants practiced "rotation of seats." This gives all sit eg. front. Is it fewer than 30 will arrange this tour easier.

Take into account, call us so we know hotels. Do you have difficulty walking and is dependent on sitting in on board the bus at the drive or out of the ferry as it offers no problem, just travel knowledge.

Guided excursions: As far as is possible, Scandinavian speaking guides. If this is not possible, the tour guide to translate continuously.

Tours: To increase the safety and security of the passengers, it is always travel with at all inntegningsturene to Metro tours Ltd.

Lugage on ferries: Unless otherwise mentioned, the inside cabins with beds on the floor plan.

Lost: Monterosa Travel Ltd will do their best to obtain the correct re-forgotten cases. If we must send a forgotten thing, we reserve the right to be covered mailing costs, etc.

Clothing: Many people ask about the clothing. Generally, normal leisure noise is the most practical. In the holidays it is nice to dress up a bit. It is wise to bring swim wear. Many hotels have pools. See separate information for bicycle tours.

Smoking / Non Smoking / allergy: If you are addicted to smoking rooms in hotels so it can be arranged if you say to you in advance. Exhibition space available at some hotels. This must often be pre-ordered.

Hand luggage: We encourage everyone to be on a night sail and take your hand luggage with the most necessary. Then you do not and take your bags in the cabin for a night. The bus is always locked when the driver leaves.

Bicycle Tours: Our tours are structured so that as many as possible could participate. Most of our trails are easy to ride and will suit most people. All tracks have some hills, so it is everywhere in the world. We aim for the greatest possible freedom for the individual.

Remember to bring: water bottle, rain gear, warm shirt, bicycle shorts, sunscreen and sunglasses. European health insurance card and mandatory travel and accident insurance (insurance can be purchased by Best Travel Destinations Ltd).


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